5 Creative Ways to Make Your Next Flyer Stand Out

Flyers can still be an effective form of printed collateral that your business can use to further its marketing and advertising goals. To have a successful campaign, you want your flyer to stand out and engage with potential customers so that your company’s flyer isn’t one that they will simply throw away. Having fresh flyer making ideas can prevent your next campaign from coming across as stale. Here are five creative ways that you can make your company’s next flyer stand out.

Use a Free Flyer Maker

Instead of trying to DIY a flyer using your computer’s word processing program, which has limited functionality and template, you can find free flyer templates using a free flyer maker. These tools can give you access to professionally created designs that you can use to build a more engaging flyer that goes beyond what Microsoft Word or Pages can do. There are many ways that you can customize your flyer using one of these programs so that it better reflects your brand and goals.

Research Your Competition

As you look around for flyer design ideas, don’t make the common mistake of failing to research your competition to see what they’re doing. Ideally, you want to create flyers that are more effective than your competitors and that look different. If two or three companies create similar-looking flyers, it can be difficult to stand out and for customers to connect with your brand specifically. They are more likely to throw out similar-looking flyers that they don’t perceive as providing them with value. 

Select a Stunning Image

Most people respond more readily to images than to text alone. That’s why most social media campaigns rely on images and text to function. When it comes to flyers, images are important. You need to select an original and captivating image that will capture the attention of someone that passes it or receives a flyer in the mail. This could be of your product, team, or some other aspect of your business. The more professional the image and its incorporation of excellent design principles, the better.


Depending on your flyer size, it can be tempting to cram as much information as possible onto the flyer itself. This can save you time and money from having to send out separate campaigns to deliver all of the information that you want to potential customers. After all, customers need to have access to information to make a buying decision, right?

Well, it is generally better to have a simple and clean design for your flyer that doesn’t have an excessive amount of information on it. You want to make it easy for customers to read and follow the natural progression through the sales funnel. This means having a call to action and ways for customers to contact your business for more information. You should not try to put everything that your potential customers would need to know about your business on the flyer. Consider it a teaser that requires your company’s website and other promotional materials to continue the journey. 

Make a Promotional Offer Customers Won’t Refuse

Customers have a hard time throwing away a flyer that gives them something that they want. For instance, if your restaurant gives away one free appetizer for customers that bring in the flyer, customers will keep your flyer just to get the freebie. This means that the flyer won’t be looked at once and simply thrown away, which could translate into more sales. 

Think carefully about what kinds of promotional offers your customers wouldn’t want to miss. Offering 5% off or a free demo might not be enough to tempt customers, whereas an early admission pass, free item, or steep discount for a particular product might. Try experimenting with different offers to see how each performs if you are unsure of what to offer customers as a discount. 

Using a tool for flyer or banner design online can make it easier for all companies to access the marketing tools that they need and use professional designs. AD2Cart is an online flyer maker that you can use to create effective campaigns. Companies in all sectors and verticals can benefit from the tools AD2Cart offers.


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