6 Tips to Get the Best Mobile Advertising Performance

To get the most from your mobile display advertising efforts, it is important to get the highest performance out of each ad to maximize your investment. While it can seem like a task of trial and error, there are some strategies that you can use to reliably enhance the performance of your mobile display ads. This list highlights some of the most effective ways to increase mobile display advertising performance.

Create Your Mobile Ad First

Most visitors look at websites, social media platforms, and apps through mobile devices. Despite this, many marketers start with other types of ad campaigns and then adapt them to work on mobile platforms. However, it might be a more effective strategy to first design the mobile ad to meet the standards and needs of mobile users first, before adapting it to other platforms. Since most people see these ads from mobile platforms, it makes sense to prioritize your mobile ad.

Effective mobile ads are easy to read, have a clear call to action, and are visually attractive. You don’t have as much space in a mobile display ad to give information to viewers. This minimalist and intentional design can be a good tool across many platforms, including mobile display ads as well as other banner ads.

Make Your Social Media Profiles Look Professional

Once you attract someone to visit your company’s social media profiles, it is imperative that your social media presence is as professional as your ad. It might be the first interaction that a potential customer has with your brand. If you direct them to YouTube, use a YouTube banner creator to make attractive channel art or using a Facebook cover photo maker for Facebook. There are many tools available to make all of your company’s online presence as professional as possible. 

Integrate Personalization

Digital advertising has come a long way in the past few years, making it possible to target and personalize ads to be much more effective with your target audience. Many mobile ad designers and platforms can easily incorporate personalization into your mobile ad campaign. The types of personalization available vary based on the user’s location, name, and interests. This can make your campaigns more effective, as it better engages with potential leads based on their interests and needs.

Use Video

Images are more effective at selling products than text is. While using pictures can give you a boost in performance, the biggest boost comes from video. Create videos of people using your products or services so that customers can see how it works in the real world. These videos will serve as advertising material and a source of social proof, which can help potential customers overcome potential objections to making purchases. 

People watch a large number of digital videos already on their phones. It is a format that they’re comfortable with. Many mobile advertising channels enable you to incorporate videos into the platform fairly seamlessly, including just allowing users to click on your display ad to watch a video. The more time that users can spend with your content and learn about your products or services, the more likely they are to buy.

Implement Omnichannel Marketing

No matter how successful you are at developing content for one channel, that one channel can never outperform the potential of several marketing channels. Investing in omnichannel marketing is an effective way of increasing your reach without necessarily increasing your spending. You can reuse many of the same assets between channels if they are designed for that. The reach and connections that you can make with these multiple channels can grow and exceed the success of a single marketing channel without needing a major investment in new materials or a different strategy. 

Create Better Mobile Display Ads

The most important part of improving mobile display advertising performance is creating ads that can perform better. For this, you may need access to some of the newest and best tools available, including banner design online. That’s why businesses choose Ad2Cart for their display advertising needs. Ad2Cart makes it easy to produce high-quality ads that are optimized for mobile displays. Try Ad2Cart to see how much more successful your mobile display advertising can be.

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