6 Tips to Make the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo is an opportunity for branding your company or self and providing users with more information about you. Too many companies overlook the importance of using a social media banner creator to create a professional Facebook cover image and instead use a stock photo. This can be a wasted opportunity to further brand your Facebook page and connect with social media users. Here are some tips that you can use to make the perfect Facebook cover photo that fully benefits your page.

Select the Right Cover Size for Facebook

Start by selecting the right cover size for Facebook instead of trying to force a picture with different dimensions to work. At the time of this writing, the preferred size for a Facebook cover photo is 851 by 315 pixels. However, this can change and your Facebook cover photo should always reflect the current standards. Also, be sure to only use clear, crisp, high-quality photos that aren’t grainy on screens. You want the picture to be as professional as possible.

Opt for a Mobile-Friendly Photo

Most people will access your Facebook page through mobile devices. On mobile devices, your cover photo will be truncated and you will lose whatever text or image is on the right side of the banner. In addition, the switch to mobile will change what part of the picture is covered by your profile picture. It is always a smart idea to test out how your photo will look on multiple devices to make sure that it will look okay on all platforms.

Brand It

Ideally, your Facebook cover photo will work perfectly with your branding. Customers will not be surprised by your choice of photo and it will seem as if it is part of your brand. In some instances, loyal customers might be able to identify your company just from its chosen Facebook cover image. You can also opt to brand the photo with your company’s logo, slogan, name, or mascot. Experiment with different options to see what looks best.

Avoid Stock Images

Many companies rely on the same stock image websites such as Pixabay and Unsplash for photos to use on social media. The problem is that other companies have access to the same exact photos and use these photos on their own social media channels. This can make it difficult to stand out. It is better to use your company’s photos instead. You can use a tool for banner design online that allows you to import your own photos and customize them to ensure that no one else has your photo and it will be fresh for customers to see online.

Place a Call to Action in the Description

Even with your cover photo on Facebook, there is an opportunity to put a call to action to drive potential customers to your website. You can do this by putting a link and short written message in the description field of your company’s cover photo. When customers click to expand your cover image they will be able to see the link and can click on it if they want more information about your company. 

Update Your Photo Monthly

You don’t want to update your Facebook cover photo every day, nor do you want to always have the same Facebook cover photo. Your Facebook cover photo should be fresh and interesting, but not so different that customers don’t recognize your brand. In most cases, you can choose to update your Facebook cover image every three to four weeks or so to balance these extremes. You can choose to rotate through a series of cover images that work for your company or upload a brand new one each month.

Make the Perfect Facebook Cover Photo with Ad2Cart

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