A Guide to Display Ads

Online sales and marketing are somewhat different from in-person sales and marketing. In the real world, you have multiple forms of advertising that can get potential customers’ attention. Online, visual ads are the most effective and prominent. Display ads make up the majority of online advertising efforts and can drive traffic effectively. 

Display ads and online marketing have become more complex with the development of data analytics and interactive websites. With proper care, you can easily develop the right type of display ads for your business. In this article, we discuss everything that you should know about display ads. 

What are Display Ads?

In online advertising, display ads are any type of printed or visual advertisements. In general, they fill the same purpose although they can come in a variety of formats based on where they are located on a page. Display ads are effective because the majority of interactions online are visual, and they function in much the same way as print adverts or billboards.  

The goal of display ads is to convince potential customers to engage with the ad in a way that moves them closer to completing a sale. Many ads use click systems that allow potential customers to go to a landing page about a product or service. Essentially, it works as the first step in the sales funnel and can be one of the most effective ways of generating leads for online sales. 

Types of Display Ads

Display ads can come in a variety of types and are usually named for the position that they hold in a web page. For example, banner ads are almost always found in the banner position at the top of the page. Changing the type of ad can change how effectively it works, as well as how potential customers interact with them. These are the most common types of display ads. 

Banner Ads

Banner ads are among the most familiar and most used display ad types. You can find one on most websites because they are an effective way to generate interest in a product or service. There is almost no barrier to seeing them since they are at the top of the page. When used effectively, they can bring potential customers into sales funnels with few restrictions.  

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads are ads that are shown in-between actions. For example, clicking on a link to go to a page can trigger the ad. The link starts to take you to the next page, but a full page interstitial ad loads first. They are effective at getting attention since they are inserted into users’ usual activity but do not take up page space. In a way, you can use interstitial ads to attract customers while providing a more ad-free experience when on content pages. 

Multimedia Ads

Perhaps the most effective type of display ad is the multimedia ad. It delivers information in multiple ways making it easy to understand the information. The downside to multimedia ads is that there are limits to where you can put them. They can be placed anywhere there is a video player, but not every webpage has a place for a video player. If you can find places to put them in, then they can be highly effective. If not, animated ads may be a better option. 

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are designed to help you recapture potential customers that you lost. It works by targeting people who have already interacted with your ads. The reason why it is effective is that it gives you multiple chances to make the sale. It often takes multiple attempts to successfully convert a lead to a sale. Remarketing ads focus on targeting methods to find the right audience. You will need to understand how these targeting systems work to make use of remarketing ads.

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