Advantages of Display Banner Advertising


There are many advantages to display banner advertising that can benefit businesses of all sizes. This infographic highlights six of the biggest advantages of using display banner ads. First, display banner ads are visually appealing and engaging to customers. You can customize banner ads to attract new users and give more information about your business. Display ads also support brand awareness and visibility, by showing potential customers your ads more than once so that they recognize your company. Research suggests that people need to be exposed to an ad or company more than three times to remember it. 

Display ads can be targeted to a specific audience, including demographics, niche markets, and specific geographic locations through geofencing ads. You can use display ads to only reach the customers you want to. A display ad does not need to be broadcast to all viewers, but just the most targeted and appropriate audience. In addition to targeting new customers, you can retarget viewers that already showed an interest in your products or services through retargeting. 

Perhaps the most influential advantage is having the ability to block competition by offering great deals to customers who already looked at your competitors’ websites. This could potentially lure these warm leads away from your competitors and turn them into your customers. Imagine that a customer visits a competitor and considers buying from them, only to see a retargeting ad for your company on another website with a great deal. There’s a good chance that they might take you up on your offer.

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