Four Ways to Improve eCommerce Display Ads

The goal of using display ads is to sell something. Whether you are selling information, a product, a service, a brand, a public service, or anything else is irrelevant. If you are using display ads, you want those ads to successfully get your message across to viewers. There are methods for making effective display ads with proven processes and design features that can generate leads effectively. However, many companies struggle to try to make their display ads more effective. Here are four ways to improve your eCommerce display ads

Improve Image Quality

People judge things by their appearance, which is especially true if the only way to communicate is visually. This is the case for the vast majority of display ads since they lack multimedia components like audio or animation. Because of this, viewers will judge your ads by the quality of their images. Improving that image quality can have a measurable impact on your conversion rate. 

Image quality is subjective in that it is relative to what the image is about. Not all images need to be high resolution, extremely detailed images. In fact, this can hurt your performance in some cases. However, you can always improve the overall quality of an image. For example, having a banner ad with a car in it means that the image should be taken with high enough resolution to stay clear, detailed, and visually appealing wherever the banner ad is placed. 

Alternatively, having cartoon characters in your banner ad means that the images do not have to be high-resolution pictures. They do, however, need to be well-done artwork that is clean, well-designed, and attractive for whatever the image is. Essentially, you want the images to be of a high enough quality so that viewers will appreciate them for their appearance. Drawing customers in this way means that you can see a lower bounce rate and may see a higher rate of lead generation. It takes away one of the major objections to ads, which is that the ad quality may not look good enough to be taken seriously. 

Adjust to the Viewers

Technology has greatly improved and has reached a point where it is possible to tailor internet-based experiences to the preferences of each visitor. You can do this by collecting data about the viewers that click your ads and creating systems that tailor websites and landing pages to their preferences. 

For example, a company sells car accessories. When a customer clicks on an ad about custom floor mats, your landing page or website (whichever one the ad goes to) should be able to show that viewer more about custom floor mats as soon as they land on the next page. There are systems that can serve information based on clicks and preferences. Using those systems to your advantage can help you increase your sales by guiding customers down the right funnel and tailoring it to their needs. 

Deploy Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads are designed to engage potential customers that left your sales funnel for some reason. Not every potential customer that clicks on an ad continues to a sale. If you lose them before the sale is complete, you have a chance to get them back. This is where retargeting ads come in. 

You can use retargeting ads to try again on the sales process by showing leads products that they have already investigated or similar products that they may be interested in. Doing this may get them interested in what you have to offer again. The more you can draw potential customers back in, the more you can increase your conversion rate with second chances. 

Offer Important Incentives

It is not unusual to see ads with special offers or deals. Use this to your advantage to help draw customers in. Offer an incentive that is important to the customer. Be sure that you offer incentives that actually create value for the viewer. Otherwise, it will not be effective. Ad tracking and A/B testing are both effective and useful ways of determining which offers can be valuable to potential customers. 

Try New Ad-making Tools

How you make your ads plays an important part in how effective they are. At Ad2Cart, you have access to the latest technology to build the best display ads for your needs. Try Ad2Cart today to see what better display ads can do for your company. 

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