Holiday Display Advertising Basics

Holiday seasons are among the best times to increase sales since there is a corresponding increase in spending across nearly all industries. This means that with effective advertising, you can bring in a larger segment of those sales by attracting more seasonal customers. Display advertising can make this possible with the right planning and systems in place. Here is a look at the holiday display advertising basics that your company should focus on to increase sales during holiday seasons. 

Be Holiday-Neutral If Possible

It may seem somewhat controversial in some circles, but it can be better for you to try to be holiday-neutral rather than focusing on a specific holiday theme. This is for one specific reason: you want your display ads to apply to everyone. You want the advertising to be neutral so that it is effective for everyone. Plus, with so many holidays throughout the year, you’ll have a higher ROI if your ads are not specific about holidays. For instance, incorporating happy holidays vs. Merry Christmas.

Optimize for Mobile Platforms

The majority of shoppers already use mobile platforms for their shopping. It is in your best interest to make sure that your ads are optimized for mobile platforms. You want them to function well on mobile platforms so that the majority of shoppers will see them without problems. This also includes making sure that they function well. Ads that cause a high amount of data consumption can be slow to load on mobile devices and cost users more money in data charges. Make sure that your ads don’t cause problems for device users, including when they click on the ads to get more information. 

Include Important Sales Information

If you are going to have sales for the holiday, make sure that you include those sales in your ads. They become the value proposition for the ads that they are in, giving potential customers a reason to care about your ads and your company. When you do this, make the ads and sales as clear as possible. That way, there won’t be a misunderstanding regarding what the sales include. The last thing that you want is for customers to misunderstand your ads and have a bad experience. If there are exclusions to your sales or other restrictions, try to include them in the ad without complicating the design. That way, the ad is still designed well without skipping any important information. 

Know When to Launch Holiday Ads

Holiday ads can create scheduling problems that conflict with your regular ads. This is because for holiday ads to be effective, you must launch them at the right time prior to the holiday. It can take several weeks to a month ahead of the holiday for people to plan effectively for any sales that may come up. This is especially true with big-ticket items. You’ll need to find the right balance between normal ads and holiday ads to ensure that you can keep your conversion and sales rates up without compromising your business’ performance. 

Focus on Big Ticket Items

While smaller-scale items may draw in some customers, the big-ticket items will draw the most attention. Customers use holiday sales to try to get those big-ticket items on the best sale of the year. Use this to your advantage by including them in ads with information about other potential sale items. The more you can target the things that customers are most likely looking for, the more traffic you can drive to your store during the holiday season. 

Cast a Wide Net

There is a lot of competition for people’s attention during the holiday season, which means there will be a lot of competition for their business through display ads. If you want to be able to get their attention, you need to cast a wide net. Make sure that your ads are being displayed on multiple platforms and channels if you have access to them. Plus, you want there to be a lot of consistency across those channels. Doing so means more impressions with customers and a higher chance of being their first choice for shopping.

Develop Quality Ads First

Any method that you use to improve your holiday display ads revenue is pointless if you don’t make high-quality ads in the first place. At Ad2Cart, we give you access to the best technologies and design solutions that can help you make better ads. Check out Ad2Cart for help creating your holiday display ads.

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