How to Create Banner Ads with Ad2Cart

If you own a business, work in the graphic design department, or need to sell a product, then you will need banner ads. They are effective at getting attention, educating customers about products, and promoting action in a sales funnel. How you construct these ads determines how you can use them and how effective they can be. Fortunately, Ad2Cart can help you create banner ads that drive traffic and increase sales while making it easier to make online banner ads. Here is a look at how to create banner ads with Ad2Cart.

Define Your Project

Before you do any work to create an ad, define your project. You need to know where this banner is going to go, what you need it to do, and a general idea of what it needs to look like. With this in mind, you can avoid problems throughout the process. 

For example, choosing a canvas size that is too small will stop you from being able to put your banner on some sites. When the site tries to resize the banner to make it big enough, it will degrade the quality in a noticeable way. Planning aspects of the project like this ahead of time keeps you from running into problems or creating banners that don’t work.

Start Simple and Build Up

When making a banner, many designers fall into the trap of thinking that it needs to be highly detailed and complex to be effective. This just overloads the viewer with information that they won’t absorb and use. Design your banners by starting simple. This will make sure that your banner is functional and effective. Once you have all of the core components, you can build in more if you feel that they are needed. 

Every banner should have three things: a company identifier, the focus of the banner, and a call to action. The company identifier can be something as simple as the logo. That way, customers know who they are shopping with. The focus of the banner is the product or service that you are trying to sell. Finally, the call to action is a way of engaging with the company. It can be a button, an invite to connect, a phone number, or any other way of contacting the company to buy the product or service.

Use Tools to Optimize Your Banner

Banners need to be optimized for the platforms that you want to use them on. Some online banner ads are made using tools found in the editing program that designers use. Ad2Cart has several tools that can make this process easier. Here are several tools you may find useful when making banner ads.

Formatting Tools

Being able to format a banner can be helpful if you are going to use it on platforms with conflicting requirements. The formatting tool should help you restructure the banner so that you can save it in different formats for different platforms. 

Image Optimizing Tools

Inserting images into your banner from different sources can create a large file. Before you use your banner ad, use the optimization tool to shrink the file size and format it to work better online. Since the amount of data needed to make a banner ad impacts its overall performance, you want the file to be as small and optimized as possible. This is especially true on mobile devices. 

Layering Tool

Many image editors have a layering tool that lets you create online banner ads using lawyers. For example, you can put the background, product, call to action, and other features in different layers. This is effective when trying to decide what to include on the banner since you can easily remove layers. Plus, you can edit specific layers without affecting the entire banner. 

Work With the Pros

Ad2Cart offers many features that can make creating online banner ads simpler and faster. You’ll see how easy it can be when you start your first project. All of the built-in tools combined with an easy-to-use interface makes Ad2Cart one of the easiest new options for making high-quality ads. Try Ad2Cart today to see just how easy making online banner ads can be.

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