How to Create Social Media Ads For Maximum Conversion Rates

Social media have become one of the biggest platforms for companies to advertise on. With the majority of mobile device Internet users having social media accounts, it is possible to reach a larger segment of the available population than ever before. Despite the increased access to potential customers, many companies still struggled to effectively engage with and convert those people into customers. This is because there social media ads use some work. In this article, we discuss social media ad tips on how to create social media ads for maximum conversion rates.


Social media ad campaigns are made successful or fail in their preparation phase. Many companies want to jump straight into social media ad design and finding ways of getting their ads online. However, doing this without effectively planning what you are going to do first is what leads to mistakes that can derail your campaign before it even starts. If you want your social media ad campaigns to be successful, you start with a strong social media marketing strategy.

This process begins by understanding the platforms that you are going to post your ads. Every social media platform has different requirements for the ads that exist on them, and you cannot expect your ads to be successful if they do not comply with the guidelines for each platform. Once you decide which platforms your ads will be used on, compile a list of requirements so that you can understand the scope trailers of what you need to create. Also, check the recommendations given by each platform for the best performance. If you can incorporate their advice into your efforts, you will have a higher chance of making successful ads.

Before you create any part of the design, start by outlining the important information that needs to be conveyed in each ad. This is a combination of written, visual, and nonverbal cues that all contribute to the successful sale of products. Outlining this information early ensures that you successfully include all of it in your design.

Perhaps the most important part of your preparation is deciding what is the purpose of each ad. Your ads are made for a specific purpose, and the goal is not always to sell a product. You need to be clear on what the purpose of grad is before you design it so that you can make the necessary changes to the design to keep it in line with your goals.

Start With Basic Choices

Once you have completed the planning process, you can be in the design process which starts with making some basic choices. One of the best choices they can make is to keep the elements of the design process simple. Patient wireframes are a great tool for determining layouts and the fundamentals of your ad.


When making decisions about what your ad will look like, consider your company’s style guide. Your ads should be an extension of the company’s brand, which means that it should also be an extension of the company’s style choices. In any given case, decide what serves the company’s brand the best and incorporate that into your ads. Also, take into account your target audience’s preferences so that you can make ads that serve their needs.

Add High Conversion Elements

The key to high conversion rates is to include the elements that promote those rates. In ads, high-quality images contribute to conversion rates in a large way. People want to see your product and other people using your product so that they know that it can be trusted. This is called social proof, and any images or videos that you can provide the long way towards increasing your conversion rates. It is perhaps the most important thing that you can do to increase the conversion rate for each.

Get Help Making Display Ads

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