How To Increase Ad Conversion Rates

When you create display ads, you want them to generate leads. The more leads they create, the more chances you have to make a sale. The key to this is the conversion rate. Thousands of people could see your ad, but a low conversion rate means that you are not going to get sales from that ad. Naturally, any business that has this problem looks for ways of increasing that conversion rate so that they can increase their sales. Here are several ways to increase ad conversion rates. 

Create an Experience Flow

Display ads are just one part of the system that you use to generate leads and close sales. The entire system is called the sales funnel, and most businesses use them even if they don’t realize that they do. Potential customers start at the ad, move to the landing page, then to the sale. Creating an experience flow is essential to moving customers through this process without losing them. 

Everything throughout your funnel should have a flow to it. To that end, it is important to create ads that appear to work with those other elements. Branding, ad design, and the information that you present should all be similar going from one part of the funnel to the next. This helps customers feel that the system is created with a focus on quality and cohesion. Having ads that do not match your landing pages looks scattered as if the company is just interested in the sale and is piecing parts together with little thought for the customer experience. Avoid problems by designing your ads to match your other sales funnel elements.

Also, focus on the physical flow between these elements. Every ad should have a clear way of moving closer to the sale, whether that is through a button or visiting a specific website. You want to make this process easy, intuitive, and efficient. Ads should transition to pages smoothly, which means that you need to optimize your ads and your landing pages. Make buttons obvious and easy to use while making landing pages easy to navigate and understand. How your pieces flow together may make or break the sale. 

Collect Data

One of the best parts of using display ads is that you can collect data about your customers indirectly based on their actions. Most ads contain link buttons or are links themselves. Anytime someone clicks an ad link, the system that is in place to manage that link collects specific information about the customer’s actions. It depends on the system that you use, but you can use most systems to identify behavior patterns that can help you customize your ads for your target audience. Some websites can even use that information to automatically customize the content on websites or landing pages to fit new viewers after they click on the ad. 

There are specific types of information that you can collect from ads. One of the things that you want to look for is the site that customers are coming from. This lets you know where your ads are effective and give you an idea of who the target audience is. That way, you can plan ads more effectively for those groups. 

You can also tailor landing pages to the people that click on your ads. When they do, you’ll know what product or service they were interested in. You can adjust your landing page accordingly by having several versions of the landing page for different ads. This gives you the ability to serve personalized content that is more effective at directing customers deeper into the sales funnel. 

Build Better Ads

Making changes to how you use display ads can have a substantial impact on their conversion rates. However, the quality of the ads that you use also matters. You cannot expect a high conversion rate on ads that are not well-built and optimized for different platforms. 

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