How to Make a Banner With an Online Banner Maker

Banners can be one of the best tools that you have access to for educating customers. Whether it is advertising for a current sale, educating customers about a specific product, or serving as exciting content for your brand, banners deliver a lot of information in a small and effective package. You can use this to improve engagement with viewers. Here is a look at ho you can make better banners with online banner tools. 

Guided Processes

One feature that makes creating better banners possible using online banner makers is that many of the available tools guide you through the process of creating banners. Some programs do the work for you by having you choose specific elements and it will position them in the banner. This is the best way of creating a banner if you want something put together quickly while still getting a high-quality finish. 

Start with Your Logo

A banner should be an extension of your brand. No matter what the banner is intended for, it should reflect your business by using similar style elements associated with your brand. To get the best results, start with your logo. It is the center of your brand and every other graphic design piece that you create will be related to it. Plus, it is a much smaller and simpler canvas to work with, making it easier to design by limiting your options. 

Your logo can be as simples as you want it to be. They usually have two components: the image and the name. Decide whether you want to have an image separate from your name, or if you want the name to be the image. Then, start sketching a few simple ideas. 

Create a complete logo in as few steps as possible. This will force you to simplify the design so that it is easy to replicate. This will also make the learning curve for any digital banner maker that you pick shorter. Your logo can become more complex over time if you need it to, but only add elements that make the logo more recognizable and attractive. 

Use Your Logo in Your Banner

Your logo is the basis of how your banner should look. If the banner advertises the business or is a branding opportunity, then you can use the same style elements. If you are trying to sell a product or you are adding photos to the background, make sure that they don’t clash with your logo. Build the rest of the banner around it. 

Save in the Right Format

The format that you choose can have a big impact on the usefulness of your banner. There are many formats available and every platform has its requirements. Check which formats the platforms that you use will allow. Try to choose one format for as many platforms as possible, but you can have multiple formats if you need to. 

The most common formats that you can work with are PNG, jpeg, and GIF, which all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Jpeg is the simplest file option. It tends to make files smaller than other formats and is accepted in most platforms. However, it can lower the quality of your artwork since it compresses files to make them much smaller. 

PNG is similar to jpeg, but offers higher quality images. The files are not as compressed, letting you keep more detail in the images. Plus, you can also work with transparency effects in PNG. However, the files tend to be larger and it is not accepted as many places as jpeg. GIF is the best option for animations and is one of the only formats that lets you create animated artwork. 

Whichever format you choose, save often while you work. You don’t want to lose all of your progress if something happens to your computer. Plus, you can revert to a previous version if you don’t like some of the choices that you made. 

Try Something New

There are always new tools appearing on the internet. If you want to work with one of the best new tools for making banners, try AD 2 CART. Our system can create a banner online with less effort and hassle. We’ll help you create the best banners for your graphic design needs.

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