How to Make a Stunning YouTube Banner That Works

Every YouTube channel has the option to upload a banner that further personalizes it and lets viewers know what the channel is all about. Whether you create your own banner with an online ad maker or pay to use a professional YouTube banner creator, it is important that you use a stunning YouTube banner that captivates, engages, and educates your audience and potential viewers about your brand. In this article, learn about some of the ways that you can make a stunning YouTube banner that works.

Think of Your Banner as an Introduction

Try to think of your YouTube banner as an introduction to your channel. In many cases, this picture might be the first thing that a new viewer sees about your company. The banner photo should carefully reflect your brand and let people know what to expect from your videos. Sometimes the photo that you choose can be enough to either interest someone or turn them away.

Skip the Stock Photo

In general, it is a good best practice to use an original photo for anything that you post online, associated with your company, as opposed to using a stock photo. At the very least, you can customize a stock photo easily using a YouTube banner template that allows you to use filters and add elements to the image. So many other companies have legal access to stock photos and likely already use the same photos on their own pages. It is for this reason why it is well worth the effort to upload original images competitors don’t have access to.

Add Your Channel Name

Directly on your YouTube banner, you can upload specific elements, such as your channel name. This is one excellent way of giving casual viewers more information about your channel and set proper expectations. If there is only a photo there, it may not give enough clues about your company or brand and the types of content that will be featured.

Limit Colors

While you want to select an engaging photo, it is also a smart idea to limit the colors that you use, especially for text, logos, and other elements that you add to your YouTube banner. Sometimes having too many conflicting colors or having colors that are difficult to read can work against your goal of creating a stunning channel. We have all encountered banner ads and social media cover photos that include text in the wrong font or color that makes it impossible to read. Maybe the photo itself has too many instances of that particular text color that it’s too difficult to understand. Whatever text you place on your YouTube banner, it is critical that it is easy to read. Otherwise, it is a better idea to leave it out.

While you review the colors on your banner, be mindful of limiting the amount of text and other elements layered on top of the YouTube banner image itself. Does the text take anything away from the image? Does it make the image less clear? Is there too much of it? It is tempting to put lots of text elements on a cover photo, but it really is not a great place to have so much copy that it is distracting.

Know Your Target Market

In addition to knowing your brand, it can be helpful to know your target market and what they’re looking for when creating a YouTube banner. If your company sells botanical products, customers want to buy natural products made from flowers and other botanicals. It is perfectly reasonable to include flowers as part of your cover art, as it reacts to this customer expectation.

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