How to Make a Twitch Banner Design Using a Banner Maker

Banners are a statement about what viewers can expect from your Twitch channel. It is the best advertisement for your channel that you can have. It needs to be high-quality, creative, and resonate with your audience. Making banners is much easier now with the tools that you can find online. Here is a look at how to drive traffic through Twitch with a high-quality banner. 

Choose the Right Size

Twitch, like many other platforms, has standards for different graphics on your channel. The current size that Twitch recommends for 2020 is 1200 x 480px. Try to stay as close to this size as possible so that you can avoid sizing problems. Twitch resizes on different screens, so it is possible to have problems with image placement or sizing if you do not meet the right dimensions. Twitch limits files to 10mb, so keep an eye on the size of your file.

Setup Zones for Sizing

When trying to make your own banner, try to keep it as close to this size as you can. Focus the elements of your banner toward the top and left. Twitch resizes based on the size of the screen that it is on and crops or stretches images down and to the right to fit. This means that anything at the bottom or the right may be cut off if the image needs to be cropped.

Pick the Right Format

Before you dive into the creative process, make sure that you choose a format that works for your needs. Twitch only accepts three formats: GIF, jpeg, and PNG. Which one you choose opens up new possibilities. 

GIF is often used for moving images and animations but can be used for still pictures too. Jpeg is the most basic format and tends to have the smallest file size out of the three. You can use it for simpler pictures or include as much detail as possible at a smaller size. PNG gives you higher picture quality size and the ability to create images with transparencies. If you are making a high-quality image, then this is your best option.  

Creative But Practical Designs

Being creative can be difficult. Many channel owners include too much in their banners while others can’t think of anything to put in. Here are some ideas to help you develop a better banner.

Pick Your Colors

Having too many options makes it hard to make decisions. Limit yourself by starting with a simple color palette of two colors. One color becomes your primary option, which you can use for important elements. The other becomes a contrasting option used for background details. Design your banner only using these colors so that everything works well together. 

Pick a Background Picture

Alternatively, you can build your banner out of game art or other previously made pieces. If you decide to do this, start by picking your background. A high-resolution option is best since they tend to be larger and can be scaled without creating problems. Make sure that you choose artwork that you can legally use. 

Design Your Logo

Create a logo using the colors that you chose. Keep it as simple as possible so that it will stand out when used against a background and be easy to reproduce without the need for extremely high detail. Every brand needs a simple logo that can be used on digital products as well as physical merchandise. Take a basic shape and modify it in a unique way, which is how many famous logos started. 

Build Until It Works

Once you have a logo and a background picked out, you can build from there. Start putting elements together until your banner has a logo, your channel name, and any other important information. Then, you can add other details if you feel like they are needed. Use the layer feature in your editor to make it easier to make changes to specific elements without changing the whole banner. 

Use the Right Tools and Services

There are many banner makers available online with different features and attributes that make creating banners easier. Try Ad2Cart to see how easy it can be to make a banner for your Twitch channel.

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