How to Make High-Performance Banner Ads

Companies of all sizes rely on banner ads to generate leads online. The design of these ads makes a big difference in how effective they are at converting traffic into qualified leads. It is also possible to invest heavily in banner ads as a way of driving traffic and potential revenue, which is why companies need banner ads to be effective. 

Creating high-performance banner ads can be difficult for anyone without extensive experience creating banners. Fortunately, you can see a big difference with relatively simple changes to your design approach. This is a guide to making high-performance banner ads. 

Start with Good Basics

Perhaps the most effective way to make your banner ads perform better is to improve your basic design practices. Simple decisions can change how you approach a project and greatly change the outcome. 

For example, choosing the wrong banner size for the platform that you want to place it on can undo any great work that you have done with creating artwork. The result will be a banner that is cropped to cut off a part of the image or stretched to make the image look strange. 

Review the basic decisions that you make at the beginning of a project to see if you have any habits that are causing problems later on, such as creating a banner that is the wrong size. Correct these first to have the biggest impact on your outcomes. 

Adopt Platform Best Practices

Every platform where you could place banner ads has a set of best practices that you can use to make your ads. They are derived from the design process for the platform and give you the critical information that you need to make banner ads that fit and work on the platform. These best practices are easy to find online since nearly every platform publishes information for platform users and industry publications. 

Decide which platforms your banner ads should be displayed on, and identify what the best practices for those platforms are. Strictly build your ads within their guidelines so that they are as effective as they can be. This may mean that you need multiple copies of the same banner with slight modifications. However, that is better than having a single ad that does not work as well on multiple platforms. 

Focus on Focus

It is easy to get carried away with the content that you put in your banner ads. There is greater access to free artwork and images, and it can be tempting to add one more element to your banners. However, a banner can quickly become cluttered and unfocused, making it harder for viewers to understand the meaning. 

Every banner has a basic premise that it tries to make clear. If you want your banners to convey their messages clearly, then keep them simple and focused. Make a simple and focused statement into a core part of your design philosophy since it works in every context. The simpler your ad is, the more clear its message is. 

Balance is Critical

While it is important for a banner ad to be simple, it must also have these key elements in it. There are specific pieces of information that must be present in every banner ad for them to be fully effective. These pieces of information include:

  • Your company logo and/or name
  • The product or service’s benefits
  • A call to action (CTA)

These three elements are all that you need. The logo associates the product with your brand, which can lend the product more prestige and perceived value. Showing the benefits of the product or service explains why customers should want it. The CTA helps potential customers take action and interact with the company. Balancing these three elements gives you a banner that can be effective and attractive at the same time. 

Work Collaboratively For Better Results

To get the most out of your banners, one of the best things that you can do is to work with someone that can help you make better ads. At Ad2Cart, we work hard to create the best banner ads possible using the industry’s latest technologies and best practices. Every banner ad is a chance to make your business more successful, and we try to get the most out of every opportunity to help you succeed. Try Ad2Cart today to see if we are the best banner design and building partner for you. 

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