Increase Brand Awareness with Responsive Display Ads

Display ads play an important role in advertising and marketing operations. This is especially  true when it comes to brand awareness. For your company to be widely recognized as a leading brand, you’ll have to reach a large audience in an effective way. The number of ads that this requires can be a barrier to success unless you can do more with fewer ads. That is where responsive display ads come in. In this article, we discuss how you can create display ads that are responsive and increase brand awareness. 

What is a Responsive Display Ad?

Responsive display ads are a type of rich media banner ad. When advertisers create ads, they do so with a focus on where it is designed to go. For example, ads that are designed to be in vertical positions need to be designed vertically. Size requirements also play an important part in the design process. A display banner ad that is designed for a 1,000 by 700-pixel banner space may not work well if you place it in a space that is only 300 by 200 pixels. Because of this, advertisers generally create a lot of different versions of the same ad that can work in different places. 

Responsive banner ads are designed so that they can change shape and adjust to the size of the space that they are served to. This makes it possible to create ads that work on desktops and mobile devices, or just about any other space that they can be feasibly resized to. Using responsive display ads makes it less expensive to create ads since they are so versatile and fewer versions are needed. 

Google’s Machine Learning Ads

Responsive Display Ads are being adopted by major advertisers like Google, who are leveraging them to enhance advertising efforts. Because responsive display ads (RDAs) are generally built using a system that breaks them down into pieces, those pieces can be rearranged and reused as advertisers see fit. Google is making this easier with machine learning-powered systems that learn about customers and rebuild ads based on their preferences using those modular parts. When you go to use your ads, see how the platform that you put them on can leverage their unique design to improve conversions. 

Using Responsive Display Ads

One way to use RDAs is for mobile devices. MCommerce is increasing in popularity and has already become the most popular way to shop online. Because of this, responsive display ads are becoming the default for how people advertise. 

RDAs are one of the best options for mobile devices because they can adapt to different mobile device screens and display styles. Responsive design principles were originally developed in response to the rapidly increasing number of screen sizes as personal and mobile computers became widely available. RDAs just take those principles and apply them to ads so that they can adapt as needed to fit different situations. 

Use RDAs for Multi-Platform Applications

If you do not know where your ads are going to end up. Since they can adapt to different conditions, you can use them in multi-platform applications. Social media ads are perfect for this concept. Every social media platform has different requirements for ads. You can use responsive display ads to try to fit all of these different platforms, which can drastically reduce the costs of advertising. 

Increased Versatility

The way that Google uses responsive display ads is interesting and can show you a major advantage in how they work. Google takes the responsive concept and applies it to the development of the ad rather than its design. Instead of uploading a single pre-built ad, Google collects several elements that can be used to build ads. Then, it compiles ads on the fly using those elements based on what viewers are into. You can apply this concept as well, even without Google’s machine learning systems. The key is to have an ad maker that is fast and can help you quickly build different versions of those ads. 

Build Ads with Ad2Cart

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