Increase Engagement with Animated HTML5 Ads

Banner display advertising is everywhere on the internet, which means that you need your ads to stand out to be successful at increasing sales online. One way that you can do this without dramatically increasing the costs of advertising is with animated HTML5 ads. Animated ads are more effective at getting people’s attention and you can use an animated HTML5 banner creator to make ads in a few minutes. In this article, we discuss why you should try animated HTML5 ads for your advertising campaigns.

Animations Deliver More Information

Perhaps the most fundamental improvement over traditional ads that animated HTML5 ads provide is the ability to deliver more information. Traditional still ads only tell viewers what they should know with what is visible in the ad. Animated ads create a new layer of information for the viewer. Much of what we learn as people is derived from motion, body language, and other non-verbal or written actions. By introducing animations, your ads can say something that still ads cannot. You can convey deeper meaning through the motions.

Tell Stories, Generate Emotion

With the introduction of animation, your ads can effectively tell stories. Storytelling is the most effective way to improve sales because it gets viewers invested in what you are selling. People buy with their emotions, not their rational thinking. Use this to your advantage by using animations to tell stories in your ads. The better you are at visual storytelling, the more emotion you can generate. Since online ads are only watched for a second or two, telling a story in that time can be difficult. However, it does increase the chances of grabbing the viewer’s attention, giving you time to get them interested in what you are selling. 

Grab Attention, Extend Engagement

Ads that are creative, interesting, funny, or provocative can grab viewers’ attention and extend the amount of engagement that they put into those ads. Animations naturally catch viewers’ attention, and you can use that time to entertain them as much as you do selling to them. The key to this is to tell the best story that you can with quality animations and ad design. Viewers won’t care much about how high-definition your ads are, as long as they are made well and are engaging. 

One effective way to do this is to make them interactive. HTML5 has both animation and interactive features, making it possible to animate on a click or another type of user interaction. Gamifying your ads can be effective at maximizing your viewer’s attention if you can make it interesting for the viewer. Even simple animations can keep your viewers engaged if done in the right way. 

Use Animated HTML5 Ads Everywhere

Animated HTML5 ads are based on a technology that can be used just about everywhere. HTML5 is compatible with all of the major browsers, and a lot of other forms of technology. This means that as long as there is an ad space, you have a high chance of being able to use the animated ads that you already have. This is a major benefit, especially if you need to cut down on your marketing spending since the ads can be used in so many places. 

Deeper Optimization

Every ad that you use should be optimized for the audience, the location, and the overall intent of your ads. Animated HTML5 ads give you more chances to optimize your ads for specific audiences. The way things move can be a significant factor in why viewers interact with your ads. By taking the time to refine their movements and fine-tune them for performance, you have a higher chance of getting it just right for your target audience. It also gives you more chances at successfully retargeting banner ads to your viewer’s preferences. 

Develop Animated HTML5 Ads with Ad2Cart

The technology that you need to make animated HTML5 ads is available through Ad2Cart. We make it easy to produce animated ads that will work just about anywhere, even if you have no experience with animations. Try Ad2Cart to make your first animated ads. 

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