Leading in Your Niche with the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is one of the biggest and most successful ad networks on the planet. Because of this, many advertisers want to use the network to reach larger audiences. You can do this too if you know how to develop ads and use them correctly on the Google Display Network. In this article, we discuss how to lead in your niche and grow your business with help from the Google Display Network.

Google Display Network vs. Google Search Network

Most users are familiar with the Google Search Network (GSN), but advertisers may be more familiar with the Google Display Network (GDN). The GSN lets advertisers connect to peoples’ searches, which is why SEO and search rankings are important. The GDN works differently and is designed to disseminate display ads across the internet. 

A company can use an online advertisement maker to create a display ad and submit it to Google for dissemination. The GDN takes the ad and finds the right places to put it based on its content and users’ preferences. In short, the GDN is used to facilitate ad campaigns while the GSN is used to connect with specific searches. 

Maximizing Your Returns

One of the best features of the GDN is that you can have multiple chances to connect with potential customers when your ads are served. If you can take advantage of a concept called retargeting, you can get the most out of your ads by increasing the chances that your target audience will see them at the right time. 

When you create an ad using a business ad maker, that ad can be given to the GDN for display. It will go up in multiple places, likely at the same time. When someone sees this ad, they may interact with it or they may not. If they do not, they can be served the ad again at a later date thanks to retargeting. The GDN will look for potential customers that have recent searches for content related to the topic of your ad, and serve them the ad as they search. This gives you a second chance (or multiple chances) to reach that audience member when they are already primed to buy. 

Try the Managed Placement Tool

The GDN has several ad placement methods that you can select. Unfortunately, two of those methods give you very little control since Google uses a machine learning-based artificial intelligence to manage those. If that is what you need, then that is great. However, some advertisers prefer to maintain more control. You can do this with the managed placement tool. 

The managed placement tool lets you choose which websites your ads appear on. While Google handles the exact placement of the ads, you have some measure of control over where they go. That is great if you know where your target audience hangs out on the web. It can also help you control costs since placement is a big factor in advertising costs. 

Stay On Top of Your Budget

Advertising can be expensive, especially with the long reach of Google’s GDN. Ads are placed based on several factors including the results of a bidding system. Every ad placement incurs a cost based on the budget allocations that you set. This means that you can expend your budget quickly if you don’t use it to control your advertising.

Instead, you can use your budget to limit spending and control ad placements. By setting the maximum bid based on specific conditions, your ads will only appear in places where the maximum bid is within your spending range. This is an effective way to make sure that you don’t overspend while giving you better control over ads based on where they are placed. It also lets you change your budget based on the areas that are outperforming others. 


One surefire way to make sure that your ads can perform as well as they can is to improve their quality. Using an ad template maker like Ad2Cart, you can create better ads in less time. Try Ad2Cart to create better ads that are designed for your target audience and perform well on the GDN. 

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