The Secret Features of Google Display Ads

If you are using Google Display Ads to help grow your business, there is a lot that you need to know about the system. Online banner makers are designed to make it easy for you to create the display ads that you need, but some have secret features that most users do not realize are there. Mastering these secret features can make it easier to create more effective ads. Here are some of the secret features hidden in Google Display Ads. 

Bypass the Size Restriction with In-Display Video

Google Display Ads are restricted to specific format sizes and specific file sizes, which can be difficult to work in. If you want to create an ad bigger than that, you will need to find a way to bypass the size requirements. In-Display Video lets you create ads that can violate the size rules without creating problems. 

In-Display Video ads are ads that have videos embedded in them. When the ad plays, it takes the size of the video. Since video and picture ads are more successful at converting leads, this is a strategy that can help you overcome some of the potential limitations of using text and image ads. 

Dynamic Updates

One of the problems with using Google Ads is that they need to be updated every time you need to change basic information, like when you are open for business. Updating multiple ads can be time consuming, especially for business owners that have other things to do. Fortunately, there is a way around this. 

Because of the way Google Ads are coded, it is possible to develop ads with dynamic updates. To do this, your ads must include code that can automatically retrieve information about your business. JSON and XML are common options that are used across the internet, so you won’t have problems using them. Once you set up a JSON or XML feed for your business and connect it to the information that should be updated in your ads, your ads will update automatically when a change is made to the feed. 

Interactive Items

When you make a display ads banner, the key interaction between it and customers is usually to click on the banner to get more information. If your ads were more interactive, then you should see more engagement from potential customers. You can make ads more engaging with interactive items.

Most banner ad makers let you create interactive items by embedding different interactive fields in your ads. These fields are built using technologies like JavaScript and HTML5, making them universally usable by different platforms. All you have to do is add them into your ads so that users can interact with them as they view your ads. 

Business Ad Makers Can Unlock Secret Features

Using a business ad maker is the most effective way to unlock the secret features in Google Ads. AD2Cart is an online banner maker that makes it easy to make better ads. Check out AD2Cart to see what secret features you can unlock.

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