Tricks to Increase Display Advertising Performance with Personalization

Consumers have become savvy to advertising and the same old strategies that used to work simply don’t perform as well as it once did. This is where personalized display advertising comes in. Instead of putting out a generic ad that fails to connect with customers, you can use personalized display ads that better target your unique customers. In this article, discover some tricks to increase display advertising performance with personalization that you can start implementing today. 

Create Personalized Ad by Demographic or Avatar

Even if you can’t create one ad for each customer, you can create personalized ads on social media that change based on the demographic of the customer or their avatar. For example, you may only have five or six different groups of customers that look to buy different things through your company and have varying needs. You can create a different ad that targets each of these specific groups and show them a more personalized ad instead.

For instance, if you sell pet accessories through an online store, you will have various groups of customer avatars that buy your products. There are cat owners, dog owners, bird owners, families with pets, and people who travel with pets. Customers that own birds probably don’t care that you sell cat products, as much as people who travel with pets may or may not have any interest in products for families who have pets. You could create an ad that represents each of these groups and only shows it to relevant parties instead. 

Benefit from Retargeting

One of the most obvious examples of interactive advertising is retargeting ads. We have all experienced these first hand. You visit a website to consider buying a product and the website leaves behind cookies in your browser. When you visit other websites or scroll through social media, that product is advertised to you through retargeting. It works because it takes advantage of the fact that it knows you were at least considering buying the product anyway. As a company, you can take advantage of retargeting campaigns to benefit your own sales.

Contextual Advertising

Another form of interactive display ads is through contextual advertising, where the ads are relevant to the page’s content. This is instead of having the same banner ad on all pages or using an automated system that only displays ads related to the keywords you’ve selected. Instead, the ads are related to the content that the viewers have already shown interest in reading about. For example, on a post that features a recipe for brownies, leads are shown banners where they can buy a new brownie pan. Since they are learning how to make brownies and demonstrate that interest, this content would be highly relevant to them.

Think About the Whole Funnel

A display ad is just one part of your sales funnel. It might be the first interaction that a potential lead has with your brand and it can make a big difference in whether you’ll make the sale. However, it is just one part. If you invest in personalizing your display ads only to send customers to generic sales pages or product descriptions, this lessens the chance that they will make a purchase with your company.

For this reason, it is imperative that you work to incorporate the strategies of personalization and effectiveness throughout your whole funnel. This includes the display ad and the landing page it sends them to. Once customers decide to make a purchase, you will want the experience to carry through with the emails and subsequent offers that you make them. In most industries and sectors, you want to build relationships with customers so that they will be retained. Personalization is one of the strategies that can help to achieve this goal.

Make Personalized Display Ads with Ad2Cart

Creating personalized display ads doesn’t have to be as difficult of a strategy as it might sound. With tools like Ad2Cart, you can make personalized display ads quickly and with several variations intended for each group of customers. There are even some templates and interactive tools available that can help even the most design-challenged business owners and marketers to take advantage of the tools available to them.

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