What You Should Know About Creating Effective Banner Ads

When you have an online business, the quality of your display campaigns can make a huge difference in how successful you are. There are many opportunities to attract potential customers’ attention and draw them into your sales funnel. Banner ads are an effective way to do this, especially if you are looking for visual ways to attract customers.

There are many tools available online to help you make banner ads, but they are not useful to you unless you understand the methods behind creating them. You need your banner ads to perform well in specific situations, which can only happen if you design your banners in the right way. In this article, we explain some of the things you should know about creating effective banner ads.

Being Effective vs. Being Original

As business owners start making banner ads, they immediately start to think about how they can make their banners stand out. It is understandable why they would want their banners to be original, unique, and creative. Unfortunately, all of these focuses do not mean that your banners will be effective.

Your focus should be on creating banner ads that achieve specific goals. To that end, you do not need to be original, unique, or creative. In fact, that can lead to problems. Many large companies have already invested a lot of time and energy into developing best practices for banner ads. Use the information that they have already worked out to make your banner ads more effective.

For example, many people think that banner ads for cars look relatively similar. This is because the major auto manufacturers have already determined the best way to make car focused banner ads. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, use examples of effective banners that already exists as a way of starting your project in the right direction. Do not directly copy them as this can get you into trouble. However, you can borrow general elements of those designs to start building your own banner ads.

Be Clear and Concise

The most effective banner ads are the ones that present a specific message in a specific way. Your goal should be to keep your message simple and stated as clearly as possible. That way, there is no ambiguity or misunderstanding about what your message is.

When potential customers see your banner ads, they will not have a lot of time to take in the information that is presented. You want to make sure that you provide the most important information to make it as easy as possible to take action. To that end, avoid unnecessary clutter in your ads, as this creates more visual information that viewers have to decode before they can get to the important parts.

Branding Should Always Be Included

Your banner ads should always include some type of branding that is unique to your company. Your logo, company name, and other elements of your company’s branding should appear on every one of your banners. This can be helpful in multiple ways. For example, companies with strong brands can use it to help sell products of their advertising. Alternatively, you can use an ad to sell a product that can also increase brand awareness if the products in the banner ads perform well.

Engagement vs. Passive Advertising

For your banner ads to perform well, they must clearly guide potential customers to take specific actions. This is commonly referred to as the CTA or Call To Action. Modern technologies make it much easier to make CTAs more engaging. For example, the entire banner could be a button that takes your audience to the product page. You can add engaging elements to your banner ads in a variety of ways. Make sure that it provides meaningful engagement and helps customers in some way. 

Choose the Right Tools

There are many tools that you can use to make banner ads, but they are not created the same. Ad2Cart helps you create banner ads that perform well and are tailored for specific use cases to get the maximum effect. Try Ad2Cart for your banner ads building needs today to see if it can help you turn your banner ads into highly-effective marketing and sales tools. 

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