Why Mobile Ads Are the Best Asset for Marketing Campaigns

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced many places into lockdown and people into isolation, many industry experts predicted a major hit to companies around the world. One way they thought the impact would be visible is through the relevance of online display ads. While many forms of advertising declined as expected, mobile ads were not as affected as experts thought it would be. In fact, it outperformed nearly every other form of advertising, pushing companies to use ad builder tools to create more high-quality ads to keep their advertising going. In this article, we discuss the various reasons why mobile ads should be a part of your marketing strategy. 

MCommerce is Leading the Industry

MCommerce (the mobile version of eCommerce) is the leading way for people to shop online. This is driven by a few factors, including the fact that more people have access to mobile devices than they do desktops. This is specifically driven by smartphones since most people have smartphones capable of shopping online. 

Because people are shopping through mobile devices, that means mobile advertisements are the primary way that they are being advertised to. You should include mobile ads in your marketing strategy because it gives you the best chance of reaching the largest audience, even when people have limited access to online-capable devices. 

Mobile Ads Are More Viewable 

Recent research by Google on viewability shows that mobile ads have higher viewability scores than other platforms. That means that your ads will have fewer issues being seen by your audience. Having low viewability scores means that many ads are not seen on other platforms, which is one of the major factors why they don’t produce the results that you want. In essence, focusing on mobile platforms gives your ads a better sense of security in knowing that they are more likely to work on more devices. 

In-App Marketplaces are Generating More Revenue

In-app marketplaces are used to manage advertising within apps. They work on a bidding system to help pair apps with the right audiences while generating revenue for the app’s company. By setting up an in-app marketplace, your company could significantly increase its revenue if it is willing to let other companies advertise on its platform. 

For companies that don’t need to advertise on their own platforms, this is an ideal situation as it creates a new revenue stream. For companies that don’t allow outside advertising, the system can be adjusted for recommending products instead of ads. Whatever the implementation method, internal marketplaces are proving to be a reliable resource to help companies improve their revenue and customer experience. 

Mobile Display Ads Will Continue to Grow

One thing that became clear in the last year is that mobile display ads declined along with every other type of advertising. However, it saw the smallest decline in spending and investment. That is likely due to two factors: the lower cost of producing display ads and higher returns for companies. Many experts are pointing out that as advertising spends in the economy returns to normal levels, they expect that companies will likely invest more in mobile display ads. 

As mobile device usage continues to grow, it will mean a bigger marketplace for mobile ads and a bigger audience for you to take advantage of. It may be in your best interest to push your company toward investing in mobile display ads. Not only will they help you now, but you can get ahead of the growing mobile ad trend as it begins to rebound. 

Mobile Display Ads are More Affordable

One of the biggest advantages of mobile display ads is that they are more affordable than other methods of advertising. A manageable cost combined with effective returns on investment makes them a great choice for companies of any size. 

Pick a Display Ad Tool

There are many types of mobile display ads that you can generate easily with the right tools, like Ad2Cart. For example, by making free flyer templates to streamline production, your company can generate ads quickly with a free flyer maker so that your company can post ads in a major marketing campaign. Ad2Cart can be the resource that makes your display ad campaigns easy and effective.

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