Why Picking the Right Size for Your Google Ads Matters

Creating Google ads is a common and important part of how many companies generate money online. An effective ad development and use strategy is essential to the success of your company, which is why it is important to work out the details of your advertising to ensure that it is effective. Like other types of advertising, digital advertising comes in a variety of formats and sizes. Here is a deeper look at why it is important that you pick the right size for your Google Ads. 

Google Ad Sizes

The Google display ads size that you choose determines the format of your ads. Every category of ad has different parameters, including size. For example, a display ads banner can be horizontal or vertical, and nearly every social media site has a different size requirement. Choosing the right size and format for the websites that an ad will be on is crucial. If you pick the wrong size, your ad may not be used on specific websites. 

In short, choosing the wrong ad size can severely limit where your ad can be shown and what quality it appears in. In ad campaigns, not having access to areas within your target audience’s common traffic stops may keep you from attracting your target audience’s attention. If you can’t even get your ads in front of your target audience, then there is no way that they will be successful. 

The Right Size Depends on Your Network

It is impossible to choose just one size for your Google ads. The Google Ads Network links to millions of websites that have different size requirements. Even the most common size options are not foolproof. If you want your ads to be successful, you’ll have to put in some time finding the best option for your needs. This means studying your network and places where you think your ads could end up to see what the best options are.

For example, your ads could end up mostly on gamer websites, which commonly use side banners for ads. That means that you are better off choosing a size that works on side banners rather than top banners. You may also want to try sizes that ad blockers do not normally focus on. 

Focus on Mobile Sizes Too

To be effective, your ads need to be in a variety of sizes that work best for the platforms that you want them to appear on. This includes mobile platforms too. Mobile commerce (mCommerce) has become the leading way that people shop. People also rely on mobile devices more than stationary devices for a wide range of online activities. Add several sizes that work well for mobile devices to your ad development process to ensure that you cover all areas where your core target market exists.

Make Creative Online Banner Ads

Once you have decided on the right size, make sure that you develop creative online banner ads. The more creative your ads are, the more attention they will draw. You can use an online ad maker like AD2Cart to develop interactive banner ads and a variety of different ad types. Check out AD2Cart to see how it can improve your digital display ads. 

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