Why YouTube Leads the Industry in Banner Display Ad Performance

If you want to get the greatest return from your banner display ads, you have to go to YouTube. It is the platform with the best setup for banner display ads. A well designed and placed display ads banner can make a major difference in the success of a marketing campaign. Before you begin, you’ll want to take a closer look at how YouTube maximizes the returns for your ads. In this article, we discuss how YouTube continues to lead the industry in banner display ad performance

A Truly Massive Audience

The first key to YouTube’s success is that it has a truly massive audience. YouTube is one of the largest video sites on the internet, and also one of the most used social media sites around the world. This means that any channel that is able to cultivate a following or get people’s attention online can tap into one of the largest potential customer pools available. 

An Audience That is Always Watching

While the audience for YouTube is massive, the more important performance measurement is how often and how long people watch YouTube. This massive audience is also one of the most active on the platform. With an audience that is constantly watching, there are many more chances to make an impression on potential customers. YouTube is successful because it increases the chances that your ads have to reach their intended targets. The more you can increase the number of impressions per customer, the more likely it is that you can convert one or more of those customers. 

Qualified Leads

YouTube advertising has a built-in method for qualifying leads. Ads are shown on videos with related content, which puts them in front of viewers that are already interested in the same topic. The ability to prequalify leads is a major improvement over other platforms. When you invest in creative online banner ads, you want to get them in front of people who are interested in what you are selling. Because YouTube prequalifies people for ads, you can be sure that your ads are being viewed by the right audience. 

Ease of Creating YouTube Ads

Despite the high potential for successful advertising, creating quality ads for YouTube is very accessible. There are many ways that you can advertise on YouTube, each with its own benefits. Take channel art for example. Channel art gives you a way to stand out from other channels in a unique and engaging way. Using artwork that complements the art style used in your videos is a common practice and is effective at bringing your style out of the videos into the real world. It is easy to create channel art with a dedicated channel art maker, and ads are easy to make, as well, provided that you have the right tools and systems for it. 

AD2Cart Makes Better YouTube Ads

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